Grupo-campus launches its new platform #TAGGMAKER

This new tool allows technicians to use a complete digital system for recording and analyzing data from soccer matches.
In an era where data is a fundamental part of planning and decision making, also in sports, Grupo Campus launches the taggmaker platform that facilitates data recording and subsequent analysis.
This mixed system, consisting of an online intranet and a modern telephone application, is available free of charge for both Android and iOS, and allows any coach, analyst, collaborator, scouter or technical secretary to have a complete system for collecting and analyzing match data in real time.
The tagg-maker platform is a modern, affordable and easy-to-use tool for coaches and soccer agents of any category.

It is worth noting the incorporation of artificial intelligence elements to the system, allowing thanks to the internally programmed algorithms to calculate both expectations and goal projections for each match in real time.
How to access it is very easy, tagg-maker is already available in the Android Play Store as well as in the App Store in the case of Apple devices. It is also directly accessible through its web portal: www.tagg-maker.com.
There is a complete free version that includes all its features for event registration with multiple button panels, free creation of tags, multi-format data downloads, individual player reports, analysis of team game models, etc..
For more information
Tel: 94 475 87 55 / info@grupo-campus.com