Frecuently asked questions

Can I use the same username and password for the App and the web?

Yes, the user registration gives access to use both the web platform and the app.

Registration, how can it be shared by several users?

Matches can be shared to generate reports using the party's PIN.

The party creator user will be able to generate a PIN to share with other Tagg-maker users who will be able to introduce it in their panel, both from the app and from the web platform, in order to make a report. All the data of the different users will be merged in a single report.

Do I need an internet connection to register data?

No, from the app it is possible to make offline match reports. For these reports to be saved and reflected in the web platform statistics, once the connectivity is recovered they must be uploaded to the server. To register data from the web platform it is necessary to have an internet connection.

Can data be entered directly into the web platform?

Yes, it is possible to generate complete reports from the web platform without using the app.

Can the app be used on a tablet?

Yes, both the app and the web platform are accessible from mobile phones or tablets even if they don't have a connection at the time of data entry.

How does off-line report uploading work?

The app will automatically upload reports made offline the next time the user accesses it online.

Can I download reports? In what format?

Yes, from the web platform you can download the reports made freely in Excel and CSV formats.

What do the terms expected and projected goals as well as identification of game patterns mean?

Expected goals refers to the result/number of goals that should have been produced statistically as the game is developing up to that point. Projected goals refers to the projected final result of the match if the trend of the match remains the same. The identification of patterns of play indicates those combinations and actions repeated or recurrent by one of the teams.

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